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January 1, 2013
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Awakening. by spystyle Awakening. by spystyle
Buddhism is a philosophy and spiritual way of life that leading to Insight into the true nature of reality and self- fulfillment.

Buddha Isn't a nickname of a person, but rather an alias for those who fulfilled the Buddhist path and released. Gautama the founder of Buddhism, was the first Buddha who shown the way. that's why the meaning of the word 'Buddha' is "the awakened one".

Buddhist practices like meditation are means of teaching yourself about yourself and nature in order to achieve the qualities of real awareness, kindness, and wisdom.

in this piece I've tried to illustrate the message of the Buddha by some of the Buddhism symbolism.
i really like working on this project!

++ full view please! ++
check my Behance for more details: [link]

stocks: ~Robriel-Stock
many thank you!
Spearen Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
yeah, how do i tell you this.. my parents are inspired by maharaji\prem-rawat\איש השלום my father was actually teach how to meditate by him before i was born. if you're interested we can lend you the keys or one of them at first.
and if not then just know that maharaji can always show you the message.
אבל אני עדיין מחפש את ענק הרוח היהודי\ישראלי אבל כל מה שיש לנו זה אורן זריף

i like that the outline and the smoke are the same color and that it's centered although you have more space in the upper side. good patterns. aw and i forgot to tell you that we have tons of comics you can borow with premition from stav.
ועכשיו זה גם דורש וגם היתי חייב!
אחד הקטעיןם היותר הזויים!
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